Wholesome fun, inspiring & adventurous retreats


Allow nature to hit your reset button. Allow the epic sweeping views to humble you. Soak up the magic energy of the land. Breathe in the fresh mountain air. Let the rejuvenation begin.


Gourmet vegetarian meals will fuel your body & tantalise your taste buds. All meals are made with love, served with a smile, exploding with flavor and full of nutritional goodness.


Our activities are designed to help you drop into a deeper connection with yourself and the surrounding bush, as well as your fellow retreat guests. Many guests come solo and leave with life long friends.

Be Fabulous

Our Fabulous Retreats always include Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Bushwalking, Canoeing, Guided Meditation, Art n Crafts, Music and more. All activities are optional. If you’d prefer to sit out an activity and read your book in the sun or have a nap, be our guest. This is your retreat, your time, your happiness. You do what nourishes your Fabulous self.

Get Crafty

Past Arts n Crafts workshops include; working with clay, making Kokedamas (hanging plants), Permaculture, flower crowns, art therapy and more. We usually have two arts n crafts sessions per retreat, with workshops varying.

Mindful Movement

Our Yoga and Pilates is suitable for all levels and instructors work closely with students to ensure safe practice. Our Instructors have a wonderful way of creating deep body awareness through their practice; making sessions both invigorating and healing.

Adventure Time

We have multiple bushwalks, appropriate for everyone; gentle flat ground for those who prefer a sturdy surface and adventurous mountain climbs for those seeking something a little more challenging. Supportive walking shoes are recommended.

Sing & Dance

Throughout the retreat there are many opportunities to sing, dance and chant. Saturday nights alternate between live music performances and dance sessions under the light of the moon.

Shake it Up

Bellydance workshops are always tons of fun. Though it’s often of more interest to the ladies, we've have plenty of men give it a go too. We explore some of the core movements of Bellydance in a fun and light hearted manner. We explore a little bit of history, a whole lot of mystery, and laugh a lot through the process.

Finding Stillness

We explore meditation in multiple forms throughout the weekend. Morning Mountain Mediation with herbal tea, is at sun rise, thirty minutes prior to Yoga. Guests are encouraged to breathe, sip their tea, contemplate the view and just BE. Some guests sit on the balcony overlooking the magic mountains, and some take their tea for a little walk through the gardens.

Go with the Flow

Gliding silently down Wheeny Creek, with the sounds of the birds is a soul soothing experience. The creek is also our amazing swimming spot so make sure you pack your swimmers.

Feel the Warmth

Enjoying time by the fire is a favourite past time. The smell of the eucalypt bark in the fresh mountain air really is special. The opening and closing ceremonies, and meals by the fire evoke a sense of unity with the land. *Please note we need to adhere strictly to fire bans and weather conditions. If having the big outdoor fire is not an option, having the indoor fires going is still magic.

Nourish Your Fabulous Self

All activities are optional. If you’d prefer to sit out an activity and read your book in the sun or have a nap, be our guest. This is your retreat, your time, your happiness. You do what nourishes your Fabulous self.

Eco Friendly

Fabulous Retreats is held at Kurrajong Trails and Cottages, the family owned property of Fabulous founders Sophie and Lani. Kurrajong Trails and Cottages are completely solar powered. All water is sourced from the sky and captured in the large rain-water tanks, or from Wheeney Creek that runs through the property. Herbs are collected from the veggie garden and food scraps used to feed the chickens and nourish the compost and gardens.

What’s Included?

Your investment includes; your accommodation, linen and towels, all activities, meals, snacks, tea, coffee and water.

Treat Yourself

We always have an amazing masseuse. Massage is an optional extra enjoyed by most. We often have a Sound Healer, Shamanic Healer, or other style of therapist available too.


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