Service with a Smile

Our meals are made with love, served with a smile, exploding with flavor and full of nutritional goodness!

Lani and her Fabulous kitchen team work their magic to deliver mouth watering meals for breakfast, lunch & dinner, with all your snacks in between.

Totally Satisfying

Our meals are nutritionally balanced to keep you totally satisfied and energised for a Fabulous day. All cuisine is vegetarian. Although Lani is not vegetarian, she is a lover of fresh whole foods that nourish the body and satisfy the soul. The deliciously well planned selection of sweet and savory snacks will keep those with the faster metabolism fulfilled between meals.
Lani’s dishes are so full of flavor, they elate all senses and inspire even the non-cooks to get more creative in the kitchen post retreat.


The retreat kitchen is always a Fabulous sparkle of colours; from the staff working away with their big smiles to the impressive array of colours they serve up. Lani loves using colours in her cooking, she believes we are what we eat and strives to be vibrantly colourful and radiating health – something you feel after enjoying her food.

Creative & Seasonal

Our meals are creatively crafted, inspired by cultures from around the world. We strive to use seasonal vegetables and match our menus to the weather; fresh, cooling, light breakfasts on a summer morning, spicy chai and a powerful porridge on a cool winters morning. Meals are commonly enjoyed in the morning sunlight beneath the gum trees.

Intolerances & Allergies

Never fear our – GF, DF, SF, Vegan friends – we have you covered!

We strive to accommodate everybody’s needs! Please help us by providing your dietary requirements on the booking form prior to the retreat.

*Severe allergies – please note that all food is prepared in our kitchen and we can not 100% guarantee that traces of foods will not be found in our meals. Please ensure you carry your epi-pen and have a friend who is aware of your situation and able to administer the adrenaline appropriately.

We use garlic, onion, ginger and spices in our cooking – if you have a sensitivity to these please let us know, some dishes may be more appropriate for you than others.

Fabulous Favourites


Quinoa Crunch w/ Greek yogurt & honey


Roast veg wrap w/ Fresh olive baba ghanoush & beetroot hummus


Chakra Bowl


Cocoa Chia Pudding w/ Berries & Shredded Dark Chocolate
Deluxe Apple Crumble

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