How to turn your business around in 2 weeks!

So we definitely do not claim to be business experts! In fact we are far from it! In this time of crisis though, many people world wide have found themselves asking the same question as us, how do I continue to make money when my job relied on interaction with people and yet we are in COVID19 lock down? Thank goodness for the internet!!

We, like many, have turned our business around and now, instead of retreats, we run online classes. Is our business thriving? Well not yet! With a massive amount of unemployment and a market flooded with online classes, we haven’t quite hit the jackpot – yet, we are forever optimists! We are however, so impressed by both, the wonders of technology and our ability to get shit done!

The Zoom platform has been amazing and so simple to use both as an administrator and as a client using it. Using ticket tailor has been amazing too! Ticket tailor have been amazing in coming on board to support business by offering no fees until July 2020 for online events! What a blessing! In a time when we are offering such cheap classes in a highly competitive market, every cent counts and not paying big fees to PayPal or other booking systems really makes a big difference! We were lucky that we were already using Ticket Tailor as our ticketing software for our website, so it was set up and ready to go. Even so, it’s really simple to set up. There is a Bonus feature that allows people to donate if they choose. We ran a couple of free classes to give people a taste test of our teaching style, and give ourselves practice live on Zoom. We were overwhelmed with gratitude that some people chose to donate to the free class, as well as few people paying extra for the weekly class pass. It’s definitely worth adding that donate button in!

We also feel for those struggling financially and put an offer out there for those who have lost their jobs to be in contact so we can negotiate or swap classes. We want to be able to help people stay sane and stay fit, no matter their finances. teaching is the one thing keeping us sane, fit and motivated, so we need all the inspiration via all the people joining classes, we can get. The other plus about ticket tailor is the automated ticket email reply. Each Zoom meeting, each class, has a unique link that guests need to join the class. Keeping track of whom you have sent the link could turn into a virtual nightmare without this automated email. With it – ease and grace! You have the option to create a unique reply per class/per ticket you create. Once people book they are automatically sent their receipt with the class link. So easy. So fantastic!

We highly recommended these platforms if you are planning on running classes online. A little side note though, don’t be fooled into thinking there it no backend work involved in online classes. Ok so maybe a one off class is easy, but have a full weekly schedule requires quite a lot of administrative attention. Once a week we spend a good 3 – 5 hours creating links in Zoom, creating tickets for sale on Ticket Tailor, cross checking all links are correct, active and working and all images and class descriptions are correct. And that’s before any marketing comes into the picture. Do it. Go forth and prosper… especially if you have no other work options right now, but go forth having a good idea of the back end work involved. Stay Safe. Stay sane.

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