I thought my spa would make me happy!

After visiting dear friends who have an inflatable spa, I remembered that last time we partied in their spa, we had resolved to buy one. This was two years ago!

Sitting in their spa in the Bondi moonlight, with a Mumma possum & her baby piggybacking in the tree above, I was determined not to forget again.

This will make my life awesome! This will make my backyard epic!

Guess what? In case you haven’t learned the hard way like me, external things don’t make you happy or complete your life!

We bought the spa. I was high on spa vibes for a week. We had a lovely spa christening dinner party. It was joyful.

Soon, I depressingly realised, the spa wasn’t changing my mindset!

The summer days were boiling and the spa had no shade. It’s more tricky than I thought to balance the PH and I hate instruction manuals.

Turns out, despite his enthusiasm and paying for half, my husband still doesn’t like water and doesn’t spa with me.

The spa was getting lonely. I was lonely.

Imagine thinking that a purchase will make me happy!!!!!!!!!! It’s only happened to me a few times in my life, and I remember them with such clarity because I always thought I was smarter than that.

If you want to read how I shifted my mindset read my previous blog ‘I Feel Alive’.

You know the best thing now ? After the ‘ I Feel Alive’ journey, which felt soooo much longer than 6 months, (depression has a way of feeling permanent) I LOVE MY SPA!

I don’t love my life because I have a spa. I love starting my morning with a spa, looking at my beautiful garden, feeling grateful that I feel alive.


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