I’m proud of you

How often do you congratulate yourself? How often do you really stop and pat yourself on the back and feel proud of your achievements?

After a conversation with a beautiful friend today, I was really struck by this notion.

When I asked how she was, she said “Loving life. Really proud of myself at the moment.”

It stopped me in my tracks.

“Good on you babe,” I thought, my heart filling up. “Good on you, Not just for kicking goals but for knowing it!”

It’s so nice to hear amazing women say they are proud of themselves! I am adopting this!

I am kicking goals. How come I’m not proud of myself? I’m doing an awesome job in life. And thus my mantra and theme for Yin Yoga class was born, and my personal mantra moving forward.

I’m proud of you
I love you

I’m proud to be an amazing Mum.
I’m proud of my relationship with my gorgeous husband.
I’m proud of tackling the tricky issues in my mind.
I’m proud that I have so much love in my life.
I’m proud that I miss my friends so much because it shows me the intensity with which I love them.
I’m proud of the transformation of my garden and home.
I’m proud of not knowing what is next but having faith that life will guide me.
I’m proud of my little girl who is now 5! Wow!
I’m proud of kicking health goals, getting fitter, stronger and jogging- still can’t believe the jogging bit.
I’m proud of tuning in to my need of colour therapy and painting everything in my house purple!
I’m proud to be alive to experience this crazy roller coaster of life and to FEEL all of it. The good, the bad, the ugly, the fabulous, is all part of it and we should be proud of every part of it, no matter how we are moving through it, knowing we are doing the best we can.

I’m proud of you
I love you

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